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Variegated Phalaenopsis ‘Coffey’ (Phalaenopsis hybrid)

Variegated Phalaenopsis ‘Coffey’ (Phalaenopsis hybrid)

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Variegated Phalaenopsis ‘Coffey’ (Phalaenopsis hybrid)
This rare mini orchid has unusual variegated leaves with green centers and creamy yellow edges. Spikes of pinkish-purple flowers add a beautiful contrast to the variegated leaves and it often has 7-10 blooms per spike once the plant is mature. ‘Coffey’ is known for its stable variegation. It also has a tendency to double spike, which creates a sensational show. Flowers last 2 months or more. We ship blooming size plants not necessarily in spike.

Hardiness Zone 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 8"
Minimum Temperature Indoors 50


Tips for Success:

• Grow in an east or west window or under lights.

• Avoid growing areas with hot noon day sun.

• Bring the moss to near dryness between waterings,
  then thoroughly saturate the moss (it’s better to under
  water a little than over water).

• To bring into flower, subject the plant to temperatures in
  the high to mid 50’s at night for a period of four weeks.
  This is most easily done in the fall.

• Fertilize only lightly and then only during the active
  growing season which is usually spring to fall.

• For long term growth, use a clay pot. Clay will ensure a
  quicker drying time for the moss and in turn will keep
  the roots healthy.

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