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Three Bold Begonias for Fall Color

from the Logee's growers

Three Bold Begonias for Fall Colors

By Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin


Since the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooler, we picked three bold and beautiful begonias that represent fall to us. We decided on these three after asking our staff what fall meant to them. Their answers included: pumpkin spice coffee, Oktoberfest beer, harvest time, hot cider, warm sweaters. And ultimately, since we surveyed growers, they all said indoor gardening and the colorful leaves of begonias.

Our first pick is Begonia ‘Autumn Ember.’ Besides being one of our own patented hybrids, it’s special for the brilliant, orange, juvenile leaves and its compact nature that makes a bold statement on any windowsill. Good light exposure helps keep the leaves a bright orange and pink flowers rise above the foliage in the dead of winter:

Begonia ‘Autumn Ember’ p.p.a.f. (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid)
Begonia ‘Autumn Ember’ p.p.a.f. (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid)

Begonia ‘Froggy’ is another Logee hybrid and has the classic rex begonia swirl. Its reptilian-looking foliage has a black netting over the green-to-bronze leaves. We love ‘Froggy’ for its compact nature and the dimensionality it adds to a windowsill or small space garden. The flowers are pure white and bloom in the wintertime:

Begonia ‘Froggy’ (Begonia rex hybrid)
Begonia ‘Froggy’ (Begonia rex hybrid)

Begonia ‘Tie Dye’ is our final Logee hybrid pick. The deep red spirals in the leaves are highlighted by light green markings to create a classic tie dye swirl. The pointed leaves add to its charm and this rex begonia has less of a winter dormancy than most:

Begonia ‘Tie Dye’ (Begonia rex hybrid)
Begonia ‘Tie Dye’ (Begonia rex hybrid)

Add bold color and dimension to your home during the short days of fall and the darker days of winter with these three choice begonias. They do best in partial sun and the soil needs to be dry to the touch between waterings. Begonias are perfect plants for a low light home and they thrive on a partially sunlit windowsill. You can learn more about these and many other begonias below: