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Needle Flower Tree (Posoqueria longiflora)

Needle Flower Tree (Posoqueria longiflora)

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Needle Flower Tree (Posoqueria longiflora)
Long tubular white flowers enliven the senses with their distinctive nighttime fragrance. This Central American native grows to a modest sized tree in tropical areas. However, it can also be cultured as a potted shrub and will flower throughout the year as long as the light level is high and the temperatures are warm. It’s a wonderful subject for pots or hanging baskets with its spreading branches and large glossy, deep green leaves. A somewhat slow grower, it forms clusters of blooms on the ends of the newest growth. Once established, it can tolerate varying light conditions and watering schedules.
Hardiness Zone 9, 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Full Sun, Partial Sun
Grows to 4'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 50
Plant Type Fragrant, Good for a Hanging Basket
  1. I still get a tear in my eye remembering my Longiflora... Review by PlantManKnows
    How do you rate this product?

    I purchased this guy from Logees a few years ago. They had a large, maybe 2'w x 1'h, potted Longiflora and I just scooped it up, reported it on sight, and home it went.

    Now I am not a plant person. I kill everything I've ever owned when it comes to houseplants....I even managed to kill an onion...
    I had high hopes for this guy, though. It was fantastically healthy and the fragrance was enchanting. Like dreamy orange creamsicles every night.
    That plant toughed out over a year of abuse in the form of a horribly insulated apartment (we're talking 40° inside in November), fungus gnats, powder bugs you name it. That plant was a CHAMP!
    I loved that shrub like it was no one's business. What a trooper it was! I still get teary eyed when I remember it in the bay window. After 2 years it finally succumbed to the cold and I had to let it go. If it wasn't for that apartment, I'm sure it would still be kicking up dust.
    I strongly suggest giving it a go! (Posted on 1/27/2019)