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Nong Noch Vine (Petraeovitex bambusetorum)

By Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin


Nong Noch Vine
Nong Noch Vine
(Petraeovitex bambusetorum)

The Nong Noch Vine (Petraeovitex bambusetorum) is an unusual climber that came to us several years ago from the Nong Noch Botanical Garden in Thailand. We were given a young plant that had only a few green leaves and was unidentified.

With the promise of yellow flowers, we grew this vigorous climber hoping its identification would be easy. It made itself at home in our greenhouses, growing by leaps and bounds and by mid-summer buds began to form on the vining tips. When they opened, the flowers trailed down 1’ to 2’ with deep golden calyxes and cream-colored flowers. We were pleased with the unusual flowers and much to our surprise the blooms lasted for months. Even after the blooming cycle was over, the chains of calyxes remained. Going out of bloom in early fall, its vegetative growth resumed, growing with great speed throughout the winter. In late spring, buds began to form and the flowering cycle began once again.

After talking with other nurserymen in Florida, we were able to identify the plant. The story was that it had recently been discovered by a Thai plant explorer and had been tentatively identified as Petreaovitex.

From our experience, the Nong Noch Vine prefers warm conditions. We have had mixed results growing it in cool greenhouses during the winter. It doesn’t seem to have any problems with insects with the possible exception of mealy bug, but only if other already infected plants are nearby. The root system is vigorous and apparently has no problems with root diseases. Flowering usually doesn’t begin until it has “filled out,” meaning that it has climbed approximately 4’ to 5’ high. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer on a regular basis. We recommend 1/2 tsp/gallon per week. This will keep it green and growing. Any standard potting mix will work for soil; it seems to adapt to a wide range of soil conditions.

Nong Noch Vine provides many possibilities for the gardener. Grow it on a stake or trellis in large container. Remember this amazing vine needs height to create its dramatic flowering display.

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