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Set of Olives ‘Cailletier’ and 'Arbequina’

Set of Olives ‘Cailletier’ and 'Arbequina’

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Set of Two 4" Pots
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Set of Olives ‘Cailletier’ and 'Arbequina' (Olea hybrids)
Includes one plant each of 'Cailletier' and 'Arbequina.' These self-fertile olives produce better yields when grown together. Both are easy to grow and have olives that may be eaten fresh or pressed into oil. Two 4" pots.

Olive ‘Cailletier’ (Olea europaea)
Often called Nicoise Olive, ‘Cailletier’ is a French variety with small, black, delicately flavored olives that are the primary choice for Nicoise salads. It’s a self-fertile olive similar to ‘Arbequina’ and it can be used as a table olive or for olive oil. We recommend planting with ‘Arbequina’ for better pollination and higher yields. Olives are well suited for containers since they are drought tolerant and can take a winter chill. ‘Cailletier’ has the traditional silvery-green foliage, and it makes a beautiful, fruiting container plant.

Olive ‘Arbequina’ (Olea europaea)
This self-fertile olive from northern Spain is used both for its oil and as a table olive. Olives are easy-to-grow, rugged plants that tolerate dryness both in soil moisture and humidity and a wide variation in temperature from just below freezing to the triple digits. To successfully flower plants, give lots of sun and a period of 30-45°F at night on a consistent basis during the winter. ‘Arbequina’ is a great olive for pots as it flowers at an early age, often when no more than a foot in height, and produces an abundance of small, dark tasty olives.
Hardiness Zone 8, 9, 10
Bloom Season Spring
Sun Requirement Full Sun
Grows to 4-6'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 35
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