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Dyna-Gro Root Gel- Promotes vigorous root development on cuttings.
This is a great tool for those who propagate by cutting. This formulation of rooting hormone is far superior to the traditional powders. The gel actually helps hold the active ingredient IBA against the stem tissue allowing for greater absorption. We’ve used it with great success. It’s more effective than most liquid rooting hormones.

Directions for Use:
Root-Gel seals the cutting and functions as an artificial root system during root development.
Preparing the Cutting:
Select healthy cuttings 3-6" long from the growing tip. Avoid soft spindly stems from rapid growth. Sever the cutting at al 45° angle with a sterilized sharp knife or razor blade. Do not use pruners. Dip the cutting in Root-Gel and place cutting in a hole in the rooting medium to avoid rubbing Root-Gel off the cutting.
Never place cutting in direct sunlight. Maintain root zone temperatures at 70-75°. Trim excessive leaf surface to reduce transpiration of water loss while roots are forming. Mist regularly with Dyna-Gro™ Pro-TeKt® for optimum results. In areas of poor water quality, use of distilled water is recommended. Applying Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 Liquid Grow™ and Pro-TeKt® to the mother plant prior to taking the cuttings will result in higher success rates.

Warning: DO NOT store in direct sunlight. Keep cool or refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children.
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