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WOW! Shipping Looks Expensive....

     Our goal is to get your order to you quickly, safely, and as inexpensively as possible. Unfortunately, shipping plants is expensive.


To be fair to all of our customers, Logee's offers the same price for plants in our walk-in store as we do through our catalog. That means that the costs associated with shipping orders needs to be covered by the shipping charges. This includes not just the cost to the Post Office or FedEx, but also the cost of the box, paper, plastic, etc. and the time to pick and pack the orders carefully.


We do everything we can to keep the costs as low as possible: pick the lowest-cost shipping that will get the plants to you safely, negotiate rates with FedEx, etc. Then, at the end of every year, Logee's reviews all of the shipping income and expenses to see how they balance out. If necessary, we adjust our shipping charges for the next year appropriately.


In 2006 we actually reduced our shipping charges! I'm not sure I've seen that happen anywhere else. So why did we do it? Our business had grown enough for us to become more cost efficient and we found several areas to reduce expenses. Because we could pass along some of the savings to our customers, we did so.


Unfortunately, costs usually rise. If we can keep pace by becoming more efficient each year we can hold our shipping rates or only make small increases. In 2007, however, the Post Office raised rates for most of our packages by 12-18%! What did we do? We sent more packages through FedEx, designed new boxes to reduce costs, and found a few other areas to cut costs a little. At the end of the year we found that we couldn't do enough to avoid an increase so we increased shipping in 2008 to about the same rates we had before our 2006 rate decrease. Even then, we reduced rates for very small orders.


Again in 2008 we saw very high shipping cost increases. The Post Office raised rates by about 7% in May. FedEx rates in August (including the Fuel Surcharge) had increased by 25.4% for express and 10.6% for ground. In addition, cost of boxes and other supplies went up by about 11%. With all of those cost increases we had to raise our rates an average on 7% in mid-August.


In 2009 and 2010, despite additional increases from our carriers we held our shipping charges. We continue to negotiate with our carriers and box suppliers as well as find new ways to become more efficient and keep costs as low as possible while still delivering your order safely.


In 2011 we once again had no choice but to increase our shipping charges. After the third increase of 5% or more for all of our carriers as well as significant increases in boxes and supplies, we could no longer absorb the cost increases and increased our shipping charges a small amount.


We thank you for your understanding; and appreciate all of our customers’ business over the past, present and future years. If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions we are always open to feedback, please feel free to contact us.



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