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Logee's Staff


Sham Elshakhs
Operations Manager

Sham ElShakhs brings a unique perspective to Logee's from a production, manufacturing and business point of view. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University (1990), an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University (1993) and an MBA at the University of Connecticut (2002). His professionalism, business acuity, and likeable personality make it a pleasure to have him on the Logee's team.

Sham has worked for over 14 years in engineering and manufacturing on parts for everything from laser printers to the International Space Station. Coming without much of a plant background and without many plants at home, he is now happy to have about two dozen plants in his home. His first and favorite, a Citrus limon 'Meyer', is still alive after over 7 years.

Sheryl Felty
Merchandise Manager

Blending marketing savvy with a passion for gardening, Sheryl Felty, Logee’s Merchandise Manager has been creating catalogs with innovative plants and products since 1981. Having earned a BS in Plant Sciences from the University of Vermont, she joined the staff of Garden Way and went on to become one of the founders of Gardener’s Supply Company where she traveled the world extensively looking for innovative products to solve gardening problems. In her role at Logee’s, Sheryl is on a mission looking for rare and unusual plants to thrill and delight customers.  Is there a special plant you’re looking for? Send Sheryl your request and the R&D Team will consider it.


Shipping Manager

Sabina has been working at Logee’s for 9 years. She is originally from New York City, so working in our greenhouses brings her much pleasure.

She has three beautiful daughters and they all find a difference in her since working here. Before working for Logee's Sabina was a supervisor for a restaurant, which was also quite chaotic! Logee’s is  more calm though, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sabina was recently married after an engagement of 16 years to Mr. Joseph Miller.

Proving once again that good things do come to those who wait.


Amy Miller
Production Manager

Amy grew up in Danielson, CT and is now Logee's Production Supervisor. She started out in Customer Service, soon filled a needed position in retail and became our Retail Supervisor. After successfully running Retail for 5 years, she used her hard-earned plant knowledge and went out back into Production, where she makes sure that the plants needed are grown. Recently, she has taken our back-order list down to almost zero so now thanks to Amy and her staff we will be sure to get you the plant you are seeking. Amy is knowledgeable, friendly and in her 7th year at Logee's. She is married with three children ages, 3, 7 and 13.