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Staghorn Fern ‘Superbum’ on Cedar Plaque

Staghorn Fern ‘Superbum’ on Cedar Plaque

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11" x 11” handmade cedar plaque with a hanging wire
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Staghorn Fern ‘Superbum’ on Cedar Plaque
Bring the jungle into your home with this easy-to-grow Staghorn Fern ‘Superbum’ that’s mounted on a 11" x 11” handmade cedar plaque with a hanging wire. The basal fronds are nested in sphagnum moss and are secured to the back of the board. They protect the fertile fronds that have the classic antler shape. ‘Superbum’ will grow into a giant specimen with proper care. Grow in partial sun against a wall or hang on a tree outside in the summer. Staghorn ferns are tree dwellers so they need some direct morning or afternoon sun and temperatures above 60˚ F. When watering, thoroughly saturate the media then allow to dry. Fertilize regularly in the summer months.
Hardiness Zone 10
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 2-4'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 60

How to Mount your Staghorn Fern

Materials Needed:
• Mono-filament fishing line
• Slatted mounting board or box (12” x 12”).
  Use pressure treated lumber, cedar, or teak.
  Other woods can rot over time
• Sphagnum moss
• Heavy-duty tacks or staple gun


Steps to Mount:
1. If you’re mounting small “pup” plants, cut behind the sterile shield frond to remove the rhizome root along with the young plant. If you’re dividing a mother plant, cut behind the shield frond and lift out some of the shield frond and its roots.


2. Mound up a couple handfuls of sphagnum moss onto the mounting board. If your frond shield is very large use a larger mounting board.


3. Bury the roots in the moss.


4. Press the frond shield onto the mounded moss so it makes good contact.


5. Staple the mono-filament line behind the mounting board. Wrap the line around the board 3 times under the long fertile fronds and 3 times above the fertile fronds. Once secured, staple the mono-filament line to the back side of the board making sure its tight.


6. When a Staghorn is first mounted to a plaque, the mono-filament line will be visible. As the shields grow, they will hide the line.


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