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Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Lady Luck’ (Nepenthes hybrid)

Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Lady Luck’ (Nepenthes hybrid)

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Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Lady Luck’ (Nepenthes hybrid)
‘Lady Luck’ is a Tropical Pitcher Plant that has been bred for its ability to produce an abundance of bright red pitchers. A cross between Nepenthes ventricosa and Nepenthes ampullaria, ‘Lady Luck’ has rich burgundy red pitchers that are filled with secretions to attract and digest insects. Grow this carnivorous plant in a hanging basket in a sunroom, on a sunny windowsill or outside in the warm weather.
Hardiness Zone 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 3'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 60
Plant Type Easy Grower, Good for a Hanging Basket
  1. Beautiful Red insect trap on a plant Review by Tanya
    How do you rate this product?

    I gave this Lady Luck pitcher plant to my neighbor but it lost all its red pods. It originally came very green with a bunch of red pods ; good shape. She had it hanging in sunny location on door frame.
    She later brought it back to me and hung it under my 15 foot Acerola Tree and it double in size and grew over seven red pods to eat insects without any fertilizer. It was then returned to her yard for her insect issues.

    I am now waiting so I can purchase more of these for my yard. It's out of stock. Amazon has pitcher plants but not like these red beauty's . Good plant to buy. (Posted on 9/12/2017)

  2. Almost a year later, no pitchers yet! Review by 808 state gardener
    How do you rate this product?

    I was super impressed at the speed and the way that Logee's had packed their plants to Hawaii! A year later, all three of my pitcher plants (nepenthes alata x 2 and lady luck x 1) are doing well, although Lady Luck nepenthes has not put out a single pitcher. It came shipped with a pitcher, but has not thrown out any pitchers...yet. I've tried adjusting the light to no avail. Humidity is not an issue here in Hawaii so I don't think that could be the answer. I also have two other nepenthes that I ordered from Logee's at the same time (nepenthes alata) which are located in the same area as the Lady Luck and get the same amount of light and water, and they are throwing out pitchers like crazy. No pitchers, but the plant is healthy has a nice amount of basal shoots. It's a hybrid plant, so that could be the reason, not sure. (Posted on 5/6/2017)

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful. Came in excellent condition. Wonderful company to do business with. Review by Jane
    How do you rate this product?

    Just love this plant! Never seen one like it. Thank you for your excellent method of packaging. (Posted on 8/13/2016)