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Bringing plant life into your home brightens your living space with color and texture. Logee's offers easy-to-grow house plants, windowsill plants and indoor succulents for windowsill gardens to add a dynamic presence inside any home or office. Many indoor plants are beneficial to your health since they have the ability to remove toxins from the air and add healthy oxygen. Some indoor plants also help to improve your mood by their fragrance, similar to aromatherapy. The sheer enjoyment of watching a plant grow brings you closer to nature. Whether you are searching for beautiful flowers, colorful foliage, or fragrance, Logee's indoor plants have something for everyone.

Easy-to-Grow Indoor House Plants

Easy-to-grow house plants are ideal for beginning or busy gardeners since they require less care. Low maintenance house plants that do well in low light areas of your home include pothos, hoyas, philodendrons, ferns and sansevierias. These indoor plants are well known for their air-cleaning ability since they remove toxins from the air and give off healthy oxygen. See all our Easy-to-Grow Indoor House Plants.

Indoor Windowsill House Plants

Rare, unusual and exotic indoor house plants perfect for the windowsill and small spaces are found here. This includes diverse plants, from those needing full sun to lower light. If a windowsill spot, or other bright, well-lit space in the home is not available, consider grow lights. Some of these plants, like hoyas, Lipstick plants and other vining plants, are ideal for a hanging basket in a partially sunny window. All of these indoor windowsill plants bring the natural world inside your home adding greenery and beauty wherever they are grown. See all our Indoor Windowsill House Plants.

Indoor Succulent Plants

These succulent plants come from arid regions and perform well as indoor container plants. They tolerate low humidity, dryness and can tolerate neglectful care. Many of these indoor succulents, such as Desert Rose or Crown of Thorns, produce spectacular flowers. See all our Indoor Succulent Plants.

Plant Care Products

The right plant care products are an important part of successful gardening. Plants need healthy nutrition to thrive. We recommend our True Organic Citrus & Avocado Fertilizer 4-5-4, or our Dyna-Gro plant food. Orchid Myst and Houseplant Myst are ready-to-use nutrient solutions to enhance growth and promote flowering. For easy reference, be sure to browse our books Spectacular Container Plants or Growing Tasty Tropicals. See all our Plant Care Products.