Logee's Catalog Request

There are three ways to receive a Logee's catalog...

Free Catalog via Bulk Mail; Available only in the U.S.

Catalogs sent via bulk mail catalogs are free, but takes 2-4 weeks to arrive at your home.  We send them out every week or two because the post office requires a minimum number of pieces to process the mailing, but the post office also takes a week or two week for delivery.

Click Here to Request a Bulk Mail Catalog

Fast Catalog via First Class Mail; Available only in the U.S.

For a charge of $4.95 a catalog will be mailed out to you by first class mail which typically arrives in a few days, up to a week
A coupon for $4.95 off of your next order will be included with the catalog.

Click Here to Purchase a First Class Catalog

Catalog is included free with your paid order

If you are placing an order today, you can add a catalog to your order for free.  (Note: if you request this catalog without a paid order, we will add it to the regular bulk mailing).

Click Here to Add a Catalog to Your Order