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Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Alata’ (Nepenthes alata)

Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Alata’ (Nepenthes alata)

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Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Alata’ (Nepenthes alata)
One of the most popular carnivorous species in cultivation, Tropical Pitcher Plant ‘Alata’ is known for its large, red pitchers that grow off the tips of the leaves and attract insects and people alike. The pitchers are filled with secretions that attract, and will also digest, insects that land on the slippery little covers and fall into the pitchers. Make sure the pitchers always have a little fluid in the bottom. If the plant has been recently moved so the natural secretions drain out, fill each pitcher with about 1” of distilled water. Grow in partial sun to bright shade with good humidity and air ventilation. ‘Alata’ is being sold in a 6” hanging basket with pitchers fully developed.
Hardiness Zone 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 3'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 60
Plant Type Easy Grower, Good for a Hanging Basket
  1. Perfect upon arrival Review by Jesse
    How do you rate this product?

    Was blown away by the plant I received, I would recommend it to anyone interested! (Posted on 2/15/2019)

  2. Fantastic Plant! Review by Sarah
    How do you rate this product?

    I really love this plant. It's grown well for me and produced lots of pitchers just hanging over my sink. The secret to pitcher plant happiness is watering them like crazy. Mine has tolerated tap water quite well but I put it outside in rainstorms for a good flush when the weather is warm. (Posted on 2/26/2018)

  3. Good healthy plant. Review by Lynda
    How do you rate this product?

    I just got my plant today and it was in rather good shape. Three of the pitchers were torn and had to be cut off.They will grow new pitchers in due course. For being just been shipped; I'd say you did a good job of shipping it to me. The plant is quite healthy. Now I have something to fight the fungus bugs !

    Lynda (Posted on 7/26/2017)

  4. Great hardy plant with lots of pitchers! Review by 808 state gardener
    How do you rate this product?

    Almost a year later, two of my nepenthes alata are doing wonderfully! They are very healthy and throwing out a ton of pitchers. I ordered the 2 four-inch potted plants from Logees back in August of 2016 and they are doing just great. I live in Hawaii and have these plants hanging off my plant shelf in morning sun and water them about once every two days. They are still in their original four-inch pots and getting longer, so it looks like I'll have to transplant them out of their pots soon. Very nice, healthy plants that have also put out new basal shoots. Thanks Logees! (Posted on 5/6/2017)