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How to Grow


After Bloom Care
for Amaryllis


Camellias- Delightful
Winter and Spring Bloomers

Angel Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet
in Full Bloom

Chenille Plant

The Chenille Plant
- Everbloomer

Guardian Gate Mixed Container

Tricks to Growing
Mixed Containers


Blooming and
Re-blooming Orchids

Cattleya Orchids

Growing and Blooming
Cattleya Orchids

Cactus Orchids

How to Flower
Orchid Cactus and Clivias



Growing Jasmines


Cape Primroses

Growing and Flowering
Cape Primroses

Jade Vine

Jade Vine in
Bloom at Logee’s


Nong Noch Vine

Nong Noch Vine
(Petraeovitex bambusetorum)

Desert Rose Adenium

The Beautiful
Desert Rose

Indoor Plant Cleaning Your Indoor
Air with Plants

Winter Jasmine

Winter Blooming Jasmine
(Jasmine polyanthum) 


Night Blooming Jasmine Fragrant Flower 

Scented Geraniums

 How to Grow 
Scented Geraniums


Tropical Hibiscus -
A Swirl of Color


Hibiscus ‘The Path’

Growing Outrageously Colorful Tropical Hibiscus 
(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) 



Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

Grow The Largest Flower in The World- Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum)


 Tree Lily (Portlandia domingensis)

The Best Kept Secret for Fragrance- The Rare and Easy-to-Grow Tree Lily 


 Begonia ‘Autumn Ember’ p.p.a.f.

Growing Begonia
‘Autumn Ember’ p.p.a.f. (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid)

 Tillandsia Ionantha Ball

The Joy and Ease of
Growing Air Plants

 Giant Wax Plant (Hoya lauterbachii)

How to Grow and Flower Indestructible Hoyas

Persimmon Nikitas Gift 

Caring for Bare Root Plants


Crown of Thorns ‘Golden Gem’

Crown of Thorns
(Euphorbia hybrids) 

These Indestructible Plants have Dazzling Colors and Bold Flowers

Easter Cactus

Growing Easter
Cactus Successfully


Winter Bloomers

Indoor Flower Power
(How to Grow Winter Bloomers
for the Holidays)

xanthosoma lime zinger

Easy-to-Grow Fall 
Blooming Plants



Schisandra berry

Summer Wall Climbers



Short Day Bloomers - Plants
that Flower in the
Dead of Winter






Culinary & Fruiting Plants


Growing Kumquats-
The Pop-in-Your-Mouth Fruit


Star FruitGrowing Star Fruit
in Containers

Miracle Berry

Fruiting the Miracle Berry
(Synsepalum dulcificum)

Grow Your Own Cup of Coffee

Grow Your Own Cup of Coffee


Curry Plant

Growing and Cooking with
Curry Leaf
(Murraya koenigii)

Fruiting bananas

Growing and
Fruiting Bananas



Hardy Banana

How to Put Hardy Banana (Musa basjoo) to Bed for the Winter

Meyer lemon

Growing Citrus in Containers


Mulberry – Easy-to-Grow
Berries for Container Gardeners

Avocado tree

How to Grow Avacados in your Garden or Container

Chocolate Plant " Cocoa"

Grow Your Own Delicious
(Theobroma cacao)


How to Grow and Fruit Figs in your Garden or Container


How to grow Black Pepper

Meyer Lemon When Life Gives You Lemons,
Make Sure They Are Meyer Lemons

Vanilla bean plant

Growing a Vanilla Bean-
The Coveted Culinary Spice


Roselle Jamaican Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

Grow Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Other Popular Beverage Plants






Seasonal Care

Winter Solstice – 
Now the days are getting longer!

Angel TrumpetMid-Season Plant Care
Tips for Full, Lush Growth

No Room? Try the cellar

Cactus Orchid  Winter Stress Welcome

Making the Move - From Indoor to 
Outdoor Gardening

Moving Tropical Plants
back Inside for the Winter 







Planting & Re-Potting

Begonia Richardsiana Bonsai

Begonia Bonsai Propagation at Logee’s

Red Eco Pot

Choosing Containers, Pots and Vessels for your Plants

Citrus plant
Know Your Roots for Optimum
Plant Health

pests and disease

Identifying Harmless Molds versus Bug Infestations

Grafted Plant

How to Care for Grafted Plants and Understand their Special Needs



Time to Fertilize and 
Repot your Tropical Plants