What You Will Receive

Our growers take great pride in providing healthy, robust plants. We sell several different sizes of potted plants. The 2.5” pot sizes are ideal to move up into larger pots. The 4” pot is double the size of the 2.5”. Tree Pots are extra-deep to accommodate deeper root systems. The 6" pots and 8" pots are the largest sizes we sell by mail order. Many plants pictured in the catalog and online are full-size, mature specimens. The plants that are shipped are starter plants which will be a juvenile form of the plant pictured.

Special note: Items shipped from late fall through spring may arrive dormant due to the winter season. Please see dormant plant care here.


• Our 2.5" pots are either 177mL/.36 pt or 280 mL/.59 pt. Plants are typically 4-6 inches tall.

• Our 4" pot is 480 mL/1.01 pt. Plants are typically 6-10 inches tall.

• Our 5" pot is 650 mL/1.37 pt. Plants are typically 8-10 inches tall.

• Our Tree pots vary in size between 3-3.5" wide and 5-5.5" deep. These deeper pots accommodate deeper root systems. Plants are typically 8-12+ inches tall.

• Our 6" pot ranges from 1.76 L/1.87 qt. to 2.48 L/2.62 qt. Plants are typically 12+ inches tall.

• Our 8" pot is 3.785 L/1 gal. Plants are typically 12+ inches tall.

NOTE: Logee's reserves the right to substitute a larger pot of the same plant if the smaller pots are unavailable. (We do not substitute a different genus or species of plant without prior approval.)


Please understand that the size of foliage varies greatly from plant to plant. However, the foliage is not the most important feature. The health of the root system is the defining feature of a good plant. Logee's controls the quality of the plants that we ship to our customers by ensuring that the plants have strong, healthy root systems. When the plant is tapped gently out of its pot, the roots should be a healthy white or tan color and visible at the edges of the pot. Click here to learn more about healthy roots.


To make your growing experience as successful as possible, especially if you are new to tropical plants, please read our Unpacking Instructions & General Plant Care Information. The information is available online and is also sent with every order. You can also read care information for specific plants as well as access many articles and videos on plant care topics.


All of our plants come with our satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply contact us within 60 days and we'll either send you replacement plants or refund you for the cost of the merchandise. (Shipping and handling is non-refundable.)