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Hardy Banana (Musa basjoo)


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Hardy Banana (Musa basjoo)
Imagine growing tropical bananas in your outdoor garden as far north as New England. With this Hardy Banana you’ll get a defining tropical look. And, yes with proper mulching, it can withstand temperatures below zero. This extremely vigorous banana grows many feet in a season and in time forms large clumps that can reach up to 13' in height. Also known as the Japanese Fiber Banana, it makes a fine container specimen. If grown inside, it will tolerate varying conditions of temperature and light with ease. Although it does produce bananas, they are inedible. Simple to grow, give it plenty of water, fertilizer and sunlight.
Hardiness Zone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Full Sun, Partial Sun
Grows to 8-12'
Plant Type Easy Grower, Hardy Garden Plant


Yes, you can winter over bananas in your northern garden (Zone 4 and higher) and get a defining tropical look when spring bursts through. Our outside banana stand of Musa basjoo is almost 12’ in height.  After the first hard frost, we prune the bananas back to about a foot and mulch with hay so there is approx. 3’ of hay around all sides. The mulch helps to insulate the crown. Then, we simply wait until all the snow is gone, the nighttime temperatures warm to about 40°F and presto - we have tricked “Old Man Winter” and uncover our tropical jewels of the jungle. 

Please note: The stem will be soft and gelatinous but the crown underneath the soil will sprout the new shoots. 

  1. WOW!!! Review by Paula
    How do you rate this product?

    Ok.. so I buy 3 Basjoos in November and overwinter them on my kitchen counter (Im from NY). Planted them outside in the end of May and they were about 14" tall. Little things.Its September 11th and one is now close to 12 FEET TALL!! All of them have pups!! So out of THREE original plants I now have TWENTY FOUR!!! Yes you read that right. I'm gonna overwinter them outside with mulch etc and next summer I'll divide the pups and plant them around the pool to recreate that home in Barbados I could never afford..... (Posted on 9/11/2018)

  2. Majestic Musa! Review by Percussionist
    How do you rate this product?

    I grew up for most of my life around banana plants and dearly missed having one. I did pick up a few supposedly "hardy" varieties from nurseries but those were hardly hardy! Just about then I decided to look up the web and found Logees. Not expecting much after the previous experience I ordered for the hardy musa. I wish there was a way to share the pictures of the plant I have so it is more telling. Within about 2.5 months, the plant has grown to about 3 foot tall and I am looking to transfer to a bigger pot soon before planting on the soil. Extremely happy with the purchase and since then I have purchased many other plants from Logees, and a special mention goes to the hardy jasmine with fragrant flowers! (Posted on 6/9/2018)

  3. Great tropical plant for a non-tropical garden Review by Bruce
    How do you rate this product?

    This banana plant looks exactly like a typical tropical banana. Grows fast, just be sure to water a lot. Spreads by rhizomes. I live in Memphis, TN. We have the occasional cold winter, i.e. below zero with ice and snow. I have never mulched or covered these plants. This winter, and we have had temps in the teens so far and it is currently early Feb., the plants have not even died back to ground level. The leaves have all turned brown, but the stalks are still standing tall, green, and firm. So, I think they are perfect for that tropical lush look without any special maintenance in a more northern zone. We are zone 7b, some sources say that we are zone 8. My experience is that zone 8 plants do not do well here without a lot of special care. I even have to wrap my Chinese windmill palms each winter. Even when the hardy banana has died back to ground level over some of the past winters, they have always come back, larger, and more lush each spring. (Posted on 2/6/2016)

  4. Worth the price if they flourish!! Review by Andres
    How do you rate this product?

    After ordering, I was a little impatient as it seemed to take long for them to ship, however I must say....WELL WORTH THE WAIT!! I hope these things flourish and grow to be what I expect. These plants were beyond what I thought I was going to get. The height and leaves left me surprised to say the least. I've purchased Banana Trees from other "Big name" companies for roughly the same price, and received stalks, basically that were maybe 7-9" high. These particular plants were 18" tall and very healthy!! Can't wait to see them at their peak! (Posted on 5/5/2015)

  5. Nice looking, large, and healthy plant Review by Laura
    How do you rate this product?

    This was my first time ordering from Logee's, and I was pleasantly surprised with the size and quality of the banana plant. It is at least 4 times the size and much healthier looking than one I had gotten from another retailer for about the same price. I haven't overwintered it yet, so I can't speak for that. It was packaged very nicely for shipment. (Posted on 4/15/2015)