Hoya fitchii (Hoya species)

Hoya fitchii (Hoya species)

Hoya fitchii (Hoya species)

Attractive foliage and flowers makes Hoya fitchii a beautiful addition to the indoor garden. Known for its outstanding copper-colored flower petals highlighted by coral pink centers, Hoya fitchii is a rare find. The light green veined leaves have an attractive webbing effect to add beauty until the flowers appear in summer. Be careful with pruning, since this is a slow grower and the flowers emerge off the old flower spurs.
2.5" Pot Size
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More Information
Hardiness Zone 10
Bloom Season Summer
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 12-24"
Minimum Temperature Indoors 50
Plant Type Easy Grower

Tips for Success:

• Easy-to-grow houseplants with a very resilient nature

• Give them partial sunlight in a north or east window

• They will live for years in the same pot

• These low maintenance plants should be watered when the
   soil is dry to the touch

• Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer during the active growing
   season in summer

• Cooler night temperatures and shortened day length stimulate
   bloom for some hoyas

• Many hoyas flower during the spring, summer or fall seasons

• Some have a delightful floral scent

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