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from the Logee's growers

Abutilon “Flowering Maple”

Also called “Parlor Maples,” the plants’ leaves resemble the foliage from maple trees and “parlor” became popular in their name because historically abutilons were the first softer plants to be grown in chilly Victorian parlors.

Why Abutilons are So Popular!

• Adapt to a wide variety of temperatures, just above freezing to warm for indoor growth. 

Excellent for cool outdoor summer garden. 

Vigorous, rapid growers. 

Resistant to disease. 

Can be pruned whenever growth is excessive.

Make great hanging baskets.

To Ensure Blooms:
Keep sunlight and fertilizer constant. In winter, slow or stop fertilizing. Dry out a little between waterings. It’s okay for them to wilt slightly.

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