Hardy Plants for Sale at Logee's

Hardy plants are the epitome of resilience and adaptability. They are capable of tolerating a wide range of environmental conditions, including chilly temperatures. Not only are these plants low-maintenance, but they can survive and thrive in even the most challenging growing environments, making them an excellent choice for any gardener. Below are a few exciting hardy plants currently featured at Logee's:

Hardy Plants for Sale at Logee's

Logee's hardy plants are not usually found at local garden centers. Below are a few hardy plant highlights. 

Hardy Garden Plants

Hardy garden plants are intended to be grown in outdoor gardens, and many of these plants are hardy in colder zones like 3, 4, and 5 so they can withstand freezing temperatures. Logee's Hardy Garden Plants include Hydrangeas, Roses, GardeniasEchinaceas and colorful hardy succulentsSee All our Hardy Garden Plants.

Hardy Fruiting Plants

Hardy fruiting plants are perfect for growing your own fruits in northern gardens and colder growing zones. Logee's has a large selection of Hardy Fruiting Plants like Blueberry Plants, Arctic Raspberries, Everbearing Strawberries, Elderberries, Maypop Passion Flower, Persimmon, Figs, Hardy Kiwi and more. See all our Hardy Fruiting Plants.