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Fruiting plants are some of the most exciting plants to grow since you’ll be able to harvest your own tasty fruit. Whether grown in a pot indoors or outside in a garden, Logee’s has fruiting plants for your specific needs. The tropical fruit category includes popular exotic fruits like Day’ Avocado or Mango ‘Nam Doc Mai.’ Hardy fruiting plants, like Top Hat Blueberry or Arctic Raspberries, are grown as perennials in northern zones and they produce fruit every year for you to enjoy. Growing fruit in containers makes it easy for gardeners with small spaces to grow fruiting plants and allows northern gardeners to enjoy tropical fruit in temperate climates.

Tropical Fruiting Plants

Our tropical fruiting plants are a delight to grow and enjoy. We feature many varieties of Citrus plants, which are quite easy to grow in a pot, whether Meyer lemons, Kumquats or the very special Finger limes. We have a wide range of tropical fruits including Avocados, Mangos, Vanilla Bean Orchid, Coffee, Tea and even finger-sized Bananas. We also have unusual plants like Curry Leaf, Dragon Fruit, Star Fruit, Guavas, and several varieties of tropical Cherry. We are sure you will enjoy browsing Logee’s Tropical Fruiting plants to see what inspires you. Many of our varieties can be grown in containers in northern zones or planted directly in the landscape in warmer climates. See all our Tropical Fruiting Plants.

Hardy Fruiting Plants

Believe it or not, hardy fruiting plants run the gamut from medicinal Elderberries to edible tiny Kiwis, to potted Blueberries or even ornamental Hardy Bananas. We hope the diversity of fruiting plants that can be grown in the landscape in colder climates will keep you coming back to try something you may not have otherwise grown, such as hardy Paw Paws, native to North America, or an everbearing Strawberry or ground cover Raspberry. These hardy fruiting plants will provide you with delicious, nutritious fruit for years to come. See all our Hardy Fruiting Plants.

Fruiting Container Plants

Fruiting plants are some of the most rewarding to grow since you can harvest your own healthy, delicious fruit. Growing in containers allows gardeners in northern zones, or those with minimal land, to grow, flower and fruit plants like fragrant, tasty Meyer lemons and other plants as well as figs, coffee, tea, herbs, and other edible plants. See all our Fruiting Container Plants.

Plant Care Products

The right plant care products are an important part of successful gardening. Plants need healthy nutrition to thrive. We recommend our True Organic Citrus & Avocado Fertilizer 4-5-4, or our Dyna-Gro plant food. Orchid Myst and Houseplant Myst are ready-to-use nutrient solutions to enhance growth and promote flowering. For easy reference, be sure to browse our books Spectacular Container Plants or Growing Tasty Tropicals. See all our Plant Care Products.