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These colorful plants of the Aroid family are actually bulbs that stay contained in a pot. Their foliage is a welcome addition inside or out. Although Alocasias tolerate low light and deep shade, they perform better under the brighter end of indirect light.

The combination of low light and low temperatures can put them into dormancy. If this happens, they will come back again when cultural conditions are adjusted.

Other Growing Tips:

Nighttime temperatures must be between 60-65°F. They like warm conditions.

Not tolerant to high levels of fertilizer.  Occasional feeding is alright, however, under low light even moderate amounts of fertilizer can cause brown leaf edges.

Adjust light level. In shade, the light has to be good. Some direct sunlight can be beneficial. Keep out of hot noonday sun. 

Bring soil to visual dryness in between waterings and then thoroughly saturate the soil.

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