Sempervivum / Hens & Chicks Plants

Sempervivum, also known as Hens-and-Chicks or houseleeks, are small, hardy succulent plants that are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a low-maintenance plant. They are native to Europe and North Africa and come in many different varieties and colors, from green to purple to red. Sempervivum are a popular choice for container gardening, rock gardens, or as ground covers. They prefer well-draining soil and can tolerate hot, dry conditions. In fact, the more sun they get, the more vibrant their colors will be. However, they can also tolerate some shade. One of the unique features of sempervivum is that they produce offsets, or "chicks," which grow around the base of the mother plant. These can be easily separated and replanted to propagate new plants. Sempervivum also produce attractive flowers in the summer, which are typically pink or white.

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