Cape Primrose ‘Pola’

Cape Primrose ‘Pola’ (Streptocarpus hybrid)

Cape Primrose ‘Pola’ (Streptocarpus hybrid)

Large purple flowers with frilly petal edges and white highlights in the throat and on the lower petals rise above the velvety foliage on short stems. It blooms intermittently throughout the year. ‘Pola’ grows best in partial sun on a windowsill or in a light garden. A Kleszczynski hybrid from Poland.
2.5" Pot Size
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More Information
Hardiness Zone 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 6-12"
Minimum Temperature Indoors 50

Tips for Success:

Also known as "Cape Primrose", Streptocarpus are easy-to-grow, colorful and can bloom year-round if the right cultural conditions are met.

• Grow in partial sun to shade.

• Keep temperatures above 50°F.

• Water accurately; allow soil to become visually dry between

• Never allow cold water to touch the leaves.

• Go easy on the fertilizer – just once or twice a month with
  a dilute solution.

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