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Collection of Maypop Vines

Collection of Maypop Vines

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Set Includes Two 4" Pots
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Collection of Maypop Vines
We are selling a Collection of the White Maypop and the standard Maypop Passion Flower. It makes a sensational garden statement when they are planted together.

White Maypop Passion Flower: The rare White Maypop Passion Flower is a native vine to the eastern United States that we have been growing since last summer. The pure white, fragrant, 2-3” flowers have frilly filaments, accented by ivory-colored stamens, and bloom from summer through fall. The flowers are followed by tasty. egg-shaped, green fruits that ripen to yellow when mature and ready to eat. The woody vine has three-lobed, dark green leaves and it climbs by tendrils so give it a fence, trellis or other structure to grow on. It will die back to the ground in cold climates and often needs extra mulch for winter protection in zone 5. Maypop Passion Flowers are some of the last perennials to emerge in the spring, so be patient. Shipped in a 4" pot.

Maypop Passion Flower: Beautiful flowers, fragrance and succulent fruit are characteristics of this native North American passion flower. Creamy pink 3” wide petals in a fully banded corolla appear throughout the summer. This is the hardiest of the passion flowers growing as far north as New England. Shipped in a 4" pot.
Hardiness Zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Bloom Season Summer
Sun Requirement Full Sun
Grows to 3-5'
Plant Type Fragrant, Hardy Garden Plant

Passiflora "Maypop"

• One of the largest flowering hardy passion flowers.
• In cold zones, mulch to keep the soil from freezing too deeply.
• In warm zones, plant in a place where the suckers can be
• Self-pollinating flowers form edible fruit late in the season.
• One of the last plants to emerge out of dormancy, usually in May
  or patient.


  1. The most beautiful collection of flowers! Review by Alona
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    I've got my Maypop collection last November. Replant it in a large pot, add support and left on the windowsill for winter. By the spring all supports was covered with healthy leaves. This plants are such a fast growers! In the end of spring I moved it on the balcony and then miracle happened: in just a few days all vines was covered by tiny buds and in a week or two later I found first flower. It is just awesome! So unusual, it looks like a little UFO and smells divine! Month later I have dozens of huge gorgeous white and purple flowers and amazing aroma on my balcony.
    Thanks Logee's for a great healthy plants I will enjoy for years!
    (Posted on 7/9/2014)