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from the Logee's growers


Hoyas are very easy-to-grow. Hoya odorata has the sweetest fragrance. Several years ago, a grower gave us his entire collection of hoyas. He was tired of trying to get them to flower. In the fall, we put them in a cooler house and basically ignored them. Lo and behold, that was exactly the right cultural requirement for H. odorata. Shortened day length combined with cooler nighttime temperatures and dryness made this hoya a gem among gems.

Overall, hoyas make great houseplants because they are tolerant to dryness. Give them moderate amounts of light but not deep shade, and keep them in a basket or a pot. They’ll live for years in the same container without having to be re-potted. These low-maintenance plants add flora and foliage to even the most challenging environmental conditions.


Hoyas with Special Characteristics:

• H. curtsii - Grown for foliage, really hugs the pot.

• H. lanceolata bella - Longer day length stimulates flowering; carefully regulate soil moisture from dry-to-moist. 

• H. odorata - shortened day length stimulates flowering. 

• H. serpens - Grow with cool nighttime temperatures in winter; flowers in summer.

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