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from the Logee's growers

Mitriostigma axillare 
“African Gardenia”

Mitriostigma is in the Rubiaceae family.  The same family as gardenias. Although easier to grow and flower than its gardenia cousin, it still has some of the same challenges in culture. Keeping a healthy root system is the key to success.

Culture For Success

• Use clay pots to maintain healthy roots.

• Bring soil to visual dryness between waterings.

• Important to dry out the soil. Regular wilting between waterings is beneficial.

• Moderate amounts of fertilizer reduces susceptibility to root rot. 

• Stop feeding in the winter. 

• Responds well to pruning. Pruning helps maintain form, shape and size.

• Humidity needs to be 50% or higher.

• Under low humidity, the leaves can become crinkled.

• Full sun is needed for best growing results. Higher light is better.

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