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Sugarcane ‘Red Candy Stripe’ (Saccharum officinarum)

Sugarcane ‘Red Candy Stripe’ (Saccharum officinarum)

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Sugarcane ‘Red Candy Stripe’ (Saccharum officinarum)
‘Red Candy Stripe’ Sugarcane is a tall and decorative edible fruiting plant. The canes have unusual red stripes at the base that add to their ornamental appeal. Tall green leaves grow up to 6’ in height in a single season. When planted in spring, it’s ready to harvest by the end of September or October. Grow in a large pot, or plant directly in the ground in southern zones. Sugarcane needs full sun, well-drained soil and plenty of water and fertilizer. Mature plants have tall white plume flowers. Sugarcane juice, squeezed from the canes, is used commercially to make white and brown sugar and molasses. You can make your own natural sugar juice by boiling the cane and using the sweet liquid to flavor teas or other beverages.
Hardiness Zone 9, 10
Bloom Season Fall, Summer
Sun Requirement Full Sun
Grows to 4-6'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 35
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