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Begonia ‘Fireflush’ (Begonia rex hybrid)

Begonia ‘Fireflush’ (Begonia rex hybrid)

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Begonia ‘Fireflush’ (Begonia rex hybrid)
With rich color, amazing texture and fragrant flowers, this stunning hybrid has for generations created a distinct place within potted plant collections. Introduced in 1866 as ‘Bettina Rothschild,’ Fireflush's leaves are a beautiful deep green to chocolate brown and are highlighted by a covering of fine red hair.
Hardiness Zone 10
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 10-14"
Minimum Temperature Indoors 60
Plant Type Fragrant

Tips for Success:

• Place in good light; some direct sunlight is needed.
• Accurate watering – Bring plant to a slight wilt between

• Moderate fertilizer once a month. Stop fertilizer in the winter.
• Keep humidity above 50% and night temperatures above

• Growth cycle slows and stops for 2-3 months in the winter.
  Plants can lose some leaves during this resting period.
  This is normal. Continue normal watering.

• Use terra cotta or clay pots.
• Keep an eye out for mildew to which Rexes have some

Treating Mildew

• Identify - Appears as a white powder on the surface of the
  leaves, usually at the change of seasons.
• Treatment - Apply a baking soda solution -1Tbl/quart with a
  dribble of dishwashing detergent.
• Application - Spray at first signs and reapply every other day for
  4-5 applications.
• Prevention - Spray once every 3 months. Pure Neem Oil is
  effective on mildew.

  1. Stunning Begonia Rex hyrbrid Review by Tom
    How do you rate this product?

    I purchased this plant (smaller size) in late summer 2017. I potted it up in a clay pot (probably 4 or 5 inch version) using quite a concoction of planting medium (including vermiculite, perlite, sand, peat moss, and some orchid mix (small size), plus about 30% of a good house plant soil mix) ensuring primarily good drainage with some decent moisture retention. I keep this plant as a house plant only. It did not do much of anything that first autumn other than put up a couple of small shoots and they remained static until well into Spring. I keep this plant under artificial lights plus it was a few few back from a southeast facing window (covered in sheer curtains). Temps not below 60F and rarely reaching 83F or so in the summer. The plant remained somewhat 'static' until later in the summer of 2018 and then it literally took off. The intenseness of the red and the deep green make for an eye popping contrast. It is only my second begonia (the other is a Rex Jurassic Green). Not a difficult plant at all so long as the main requirements are met (moisture/drainage, filtered light, and temperature range). One other note, since I also raise carnivorous plants: I water using only distilled or R/O water (is this a requirement for these begonias? I don't have that answer). Enjoy this plant. (Posted on 1/27/2019)