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from the Logee's growers

Carnivorous Plants

Some of the most fascinating plants for our youngest gardeners are easy-to-grow and entertaining to watch. But be forewarned, once you enter the world of carnivorous plants, no matter what your age, you’ll be hooked.

Simple Growing Instructions:

• Full sun. 

• Keep in a saucer of water, they’re bog plants, we want to mimic their native habitat.

• Low fertilizer or no fertilizer. 

• Use sphagnum moss as a potting mix.

The Venus Fly Traps are easy-to-grow and fascinating to watch as they devour little flies to get their needed nourishment. Make sure to give them “moist feet” at all times since we are trying to mimic their native habitat. They need a cool windowsill during the winter to induce a dormancy preferably with night temperatures in the 40’s. An entertaining plant that attracts gardeners of all ages.

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