Ponderosa Lemon Tree (Citrus limon)

Ponderosa Lemon Tree (Citrus limon)

Ponderosa Lemon Tree (Citrus limon)

Here is the promise of charm and practicality in a single package. Meet Ponderosa Lemon that's also known as the American Wonder Lemon. Ponderosa Lemon will astonish all who receive it with both its beauty and unusual habit. The fun begins when the heavy surge of fragrant white flowers emerge each spring. Then tiny lemons appear. Ponderosa Lemon has the reputation for not knowing when “enough is enough.” They continue to grow to enormous proportions, often up to 5 lbs, even though the plant remains an easily manageable size.

Available in multiple sizes:
2.5" Pot - Ponderosa Lemon (Citrus limon)
4" Pot - Ponderosa Lemon (Citrus limon)
2.5" Pot Size
Currently backordered. Place order now to receive when available.

Shipping Note: Cannot be shipped to TX, FL, AZ, CA

More Information
Hardiness Zone 10
Bloom Season Intermittent
Sun Requirement Full Sun
Grows to 1-3'
Minimum Temperature Indoors 50
Plant Type Fragrant

Container Grown Citrus

Keep the root systems healthy and active. A period of dryness helps stimulate flowers and fruiting. Mimic Florida’s climate- wet summers and dry fall/winters.

Most important for potted citrus:

• Full sun and high light. The more the better.
• For faster growth and an active root system,
   grow them warm.

• Do not over pot.
• Grow in clay pots for optimum root health.
• Fertilize spring through fall. 
• High light aids in flowering and fruiting.
• Fertilize in growing season 1-2 times a month.
• Water when the soil is visually dry or at first signs of wilt.

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